Andrei E.Gusev


Andrei E.Gusev was born on October 27, 1952 in Moscow. After 4 months Stalin has died, and in forty years the Soviet empire forever has disappeared. These two events, as two boundary points of readout, have imposed a print on literary creativity of Andrei Gusev.


But before to reach for literature, he has tried himself in other "genres". Andrei Gusev — graduate of the Moscow Physical Engineering Institute. Eleven years he has worked as the scientific employee in public health services, has received medical education. He is the author of ten inventions, 23 published scientific works, some of them are published in the foreign editions, and one of his co-authors — winner of the Nobel Prize, legend of the Soviet physics the academician Alex. Prohorov...

And here there is a unexpected turn of destiny: in 1990 Andrei Gusev becomes correspondent of the daily "Moskovskiy Komsomolets", later — the special correspondent of the All-Russia "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" and dep. editor-in-chief of the youth newspaper "Stupeni". Last three decades he is a professional journalist. He conducts the author's program on "Avtoradio", works as editor and spokesman of the TV & broadcasting company "Rezonans" and editor in news agency "Interfax", remaining editor-in-chief of “The New Medical Gazette” (published in Russian) and magazine "Avto M".


Within work in "Stupeni" the first books of the writer — collection "Ticket to America" (1992) and "Presentation" (1993) — leave. Then occur "Mister Novelist" (1994), "With the Chronos’Permit" (1995), "The Russian Story" (1996), and also collection "On the Edge of Magellanic Clouds" (1998).


Written by Andrei Gusev, most likely, firstly will puzzle the reader. Extravagant acts, absurd situations, unless so it happens in life? But having thought, understand: it is serious conversation on serious themes. It’s stories, on which is possible to study our present life. And consequently it is possible to tell, that all of them carry a print of Time...


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1. Viktor Pososhkoff, Andrei Gusev, Anatoliy Baranoff, Mishell Popov "TICKET TO AMERICA", collection of the stories, Moscow, 1992.


2. Andrei Gusev  "PRESENTATION", motley stories, Moscow, 1993.


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9. Andrei Gusev  "ROLE PLAYS", stories, Moscow, 2003, publishing house “West-Consulting”. 


10. Andrei Gusev  "THE WORLD ACCORDING TO NOVIKOFF", novel, Moscow, 2007, publishing house “West-Consulting”.


Andrei E.Gusev is the author of several hundreds articles in "Moskovskiy Komsomolets", "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", "Sovetskay Rossiya", "Vecherniay Moskva", "The Moscow News", "Stupeni", "The New Medical Gazette", magazines "Auto M", "Stolitza", "Yatt" etc.



The reviews of the books by Andrei Gusev:


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